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Second Stroke Mopeds is New York City's primer moped shop. We sell new and used mopeds, service and restore vintage mopeds and offer moped repair classes.

Harlem ride! Props to Niki and Ginger for being wicked fast. Blasted up 1st ave from Houston to 125th st in one shot, all green lights.

Come out to ride. Every Sunday at 5pm.

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23 miles this sunday.  From the shop, over the 59th St Bridge, up 1st ave into the BRONX. (dangerous)… back down threw Times Square.

We got stuck on the Pulaski bridge tho…  Its a drawbridge and the gates came down right in front of us.  This is the sort of adventure you encompass while traveling the world, as we have.

Sunday ride to the Rockaways was halted at the toll bridge.  A tip to all mopeders heading out there this summer…  Have a legit plate, they will not let you over without one.

So we back tracked and hung out in Jamaica Bay.  NBD

Come out to Next Sundays ride Ya’ll 

First ride of the year.  Fast bikes only.  Up to Astoria Park.  We also came up with a better way to lock up a moped.

Rides every Sunday.  Meet at the shop at 5pm.  But not next week, cuz we will be in Louisville, KY

Once in a while, something breaks.  Most of the time, in this modern world of moped hysteria, its moderately easy to find a replaceable part.  However, in this case that was not an option.  We must recreate a part!

This gives us an opportunity to redesign it as well.  For this part, we used steel instead of plastic. 

On our minty Velo Solex the decomp lever snapped.  It had been previously glued back together… but this time using the lathe to create the cylinder part, bench grinder to shape the lever and the welder to put it all together…  bam

Lathes come in handy.  This task, installing a Treats Moby CDI on a Peugeot, becomes problematic because the stock flywheel nut doesn’t fit in the CDI magneto.  In the past, I would grind out the lead part of the nut, creating a skirt that could slip into the magneto.  With the Lathe, we do the same thing but it looks a lot neater and takes 3 mins.