Second Stroke Mopeds

Brooklyn, New York

Second Stroke Mopeds is New York City's primer moped shop. We sell new and used mopeds, service and restore vintage mopeds and offer moped repair classes.

New! - Maxi&Cobra&Dart&Magnum.


New! - Maxi&Cobra&Dart&Magnum.


It's not a Pooch or a Puke, and it's definitely not a Punch...


A classic Second Stroke parody/butchering/moped-ization of the famous Experimental Jetset Beatles tee from long ago, this one doesn't exactly scream, "I ride a moped" like some of our others. Rest assured that if you pass someone on the street and they give you one of those cool head nods you'll know they're down.


Printed on a Lemon colored Tultex. The nicest softest feeling T-Shirt in all the land. Pictured size M.

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